Forms and Diagrams

I am including a few of the forms and diagrams that I researched and created.


I created this form for salt packaging operators to fill out during the shift in order to track the quality and production information that management needs. I have also created the procedures that instruct operators on how to perform each of the necessary tests and inspections, where to get the information for the form, and how to fill out the form.

View the form here.


Warehouse operators work together at the end of each shift to perform the cleanup tasks from this mounted checklist. The checklist is color coded to indicate the day and night shifts. I wrote a procedure that accompanies this checklist so new operators know where to find the cleaning supplies, how to perform each task, and how to fill out the checklist.

View the checklist here.


I created this map of the warehouse using schematic drawings, tours of the area, and pictures I took during tours. New operators reference the warehouse map during training to learn the layout of the work area and equipment locations.

View the diagram here.


I developed this diagram to help new salt warehouse operators learn the standard loading patterns for flatbed trailers.

View the diagram here.