Manuals and Proposals

The following documents are a sample of the manuals and proposals that I have researched and written.

This is a reference manual for the operators, electricians, and mechanics who work with the equipment in the company’s salt plant. Whether employees are creating work orders or responding to them, they need to know the equipment number for each of the hundreds of pieces of equipment in the plant.

As this is the area’s first equipment manual, I performed the necessary research to identify each equipment number.

View the manual here.


This manual is among the first documents trainees read after being hired for any position within the company’s salt plant. It provides an overview of the processes involved in washing, storing, and shipping salt so new employees understand how their duties contribute to the plant. The manual also introduces employees to plant safety resources, which they will learn more about during training.

View the manual here.


This manual provides trainees with an overview of the processes involved in running the company’s salt plant warehouse. After reading the above facility manual, new warehouse operators go through the area manual for a greater understanding of the warehouse positions and responsibilities. The manual also provides more detail about the hazards employees face in the warehouse with instruction on how to remain safe.

View the manual here.


I wrote this proposal to Lincoln County, Wyoming Commission for the creation of a wind farm within the county. After the proposal was approved, the partners I wrote it for sold the approval and business plan to a company that built the wind farm.

View the proposal here.